Model Number SPG: Pipe Welding/Hardbanding Lathe Assembly for the application of Hardbanding on Drill Pipe Tool Joint and Collars


Lathe: Pipe Welding/Hardbanding Lathe Assembly with 9 15/16 I.D.  Hollow Spindle



Length: 18”

Torch Travel Speed: 0-3 ½” Per Minute

Auto StepOver: 0-3” Adjustable

Number of Bands: 1-18” Adjustable



Band Width: 0-2” Adjustable

Cycles: 0-100  Cycles Per Minute

Dwell Time: 0-9.9 Seconds


Manual Slide

Z: To Adjust Torch Height on Pipe – 0 to 8”

Y: To Adjust Torch Position on Pipe

Adjust Torch Angle: 0-22 Degrees


Welding Source

Capacity: 500 Amps

Make: Miller Big Blue 500

 MIG Torch: PROFAX 500 AMP with Water Cooling.