Model Number IPHC-20: Welding Positioner/Hardbander Assembly for the application of Hardbanding on Drill Pipe, Tubing and Collars


Mig Torch

500 Amp Air Cooled Mig Torch with Water Cooled Gas Nozzle Set Up for 1/16 Wires

Mig Torch Travel Speed: 0-3 ½” Per Minute

Adjustable Auto StepOver: 0-3”

Rapid Travel Handle

Number of Bands: 1-36 Adjustable

Water Cooled Torch Nozzle with 3 gallon Radiator and Heat Exchanger



Band Width: 0-2” Wide Adjustable

Cycles: 0-100 Cycles Per Minute

Dwell Time: 0-9.9 Seconds


Manual Slide

Z Axis: To Adjust Mig Torch Height on Pipe – 0 to 6”

Y Axis: To Adjust Mig Torch Position – 0 to 36” of travel

X Axis: 0 to 1-1/2” of travel

Adjust Torch Angle: 0-22 Degrees


Welding Power Source

Make: Miller Delta Weld

Capacity: 550 DC Amps

0-40 DC Volts

Duty Cycle 100%


Chuck Assembly

20” O.D. x 8-1/4” I.D. 3 Jaw Hollow Barrel

Variable Hydraulic Rotation in Weld Direction

Full Speed Reverse Rotation

0-30 Second per Revolution



Built to Hardband 2-3/8” Tubing up to 8” Collars

Can Hardband Center Wear Pads on HWDP up to 8-1/4” O.D. Tool Joints



Adjustable Carbide Delivery System

0-120 Grams per Minute