CIPHC-20 House Powered

Model Number CIPHC-20 House Powered: Welding Positioner/Hardbander Assembly for the application of Hardbanding on Drill Pipe, Tubing and Collars

  • All steel skid fabrication 96”x 90”x 87” with open operator area.
  • IPHC-20 Unit itself, weighs approximately 4000#.
  • Rectifier is a Miller Delta Weld, 460 Volt three Phase.
  • Hollow barrel chuck is 20” OD three jaw with 8 ¼” ID.
  • Weld box is 40” long to accommodate Hevi Wate Drill Pipe center wear pad w/clean out & 1500 CFM vacuum recovery system exhausted to exterior of container.
  • Miller Coolmate 3 gallon water radiator tank assembly.
  • Carriage assembly is equipped with a manual lever for quick travel, automatic step over for multiple bands and 6” torch adjustment.
  • Hydraulic jack cylinders have 9” stroke with adjustable legs. Ball transfer rollers for moving pipe in and out of unit.
  • Hydraulic tank is 25 gallons, 6 gpm @ 1000 psi.
  • All controls are at operator’s finger tips.
  • Pre heater and eight cooling cans.
  • Painted battle ship grey.

Modified 20’ Shipping Container:

  • “A” Class One Trip Container
  • Modified operator entry door.
  • 8’ x 8’ Mid wall with 36” wide door.
  • 24” x 24” pipe in and out door.
  • 15″ x 15″ pipe door on non-rack side.
  • 460 to 110Volt transformer.
  • Complete electrical system with light switches for operator area, 15amp and 110volt service.
  • 8000BTU window style air conditioner.
  • 500Watt flood lights mounted top of unit on rack side, 5” in from ends of container.
  • Florescent lighting operator and storage area.
  • Square D, 100Amp load center breaker box mounted in storage area.
  • Single duplex for operator area, 15Amp service.
  • Double duplex, 30Amp, 110Volt service on rack side for extension cords.
  • Sand blasted and painted your one company color on exterior and battle ship grey on interior.